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Radio Interviews

This week I assisted a client to prepare for a radio interview with BBC Radio Wales News. This Blog contains a few tips to help you prepare for a radio interview, including; reviewing your message, turning off your phone, talking to the interviewer, pretending it’s a chat amongst friends, listening, smiling and you will be great…

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Events – The Details

I was reminded, when organising an event last week, that the saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ is very pertinent. Here are 10 little things that can help make everyone welcome and your event a success. Please read on to find information about Invites, sending joining instructions, confirming speakers, phone contacts, refreshments…

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The Marketing Recipe

So you want to start your own business? Sometimes it is overwhelming when you start in business to juggle all the different marketing activities that you need to be doing. You could think of the ‘Marketing Mix’ as a simple recipe. Just follow our ideas here – Ingredients, preparation, time, measurability…

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10 Reasons 2 … Blog

Are you tempted to try and become a Blogger? The biggest challenge we faced with launching a new website was how to integrate our business Blog. It is important to find your Blogger voice. Their is lots to think about the time you have, your aim, who you are writing for, research and planning. This Blog will help you find your Blogging feet…

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Mum Nav

I don’t have ‘Sat Nav’ I have never felt the need for it. When I met my other half (OH) he always demanded I could point at the map and say, ‘We are here!’ My navigation and map reading skills improved considerably. A well planned route with clear directions is helpful in car travel and business. Do you know where you are going?…

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10 Reasons 2 … Get Going

So 2011 has well and truly started are your New Years resolutions a thing of the past. I have given up making these type of promises to my self as I am always too ambitious. What I prefer is setting smaller easier tasks to get a feeling of accomplishment. So here are some ideas to help you…

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Your marketing mix

Do you have a niggling feeling that you might be missing something from the marketing mix? Based on the London Underground map this brain storming tool is not subject to strikes. Review your marketing plan and measure your impact. Could the marketing map get you on track as we approach 2011? The team at B2B…

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