Mum Nav

I don’t have ‘Sat Nav’ I have never felt the need for it.

When I met my other half (OH) he always demanded I could point at the map and say, ‘We are here!’ My navigation and map reading skills improved considerably and we hardly ever get lost.

On journeys with the family the kids call me ‘Mum Nav’, I always know where we are and in a traffic jam I can quickly pick alternative routes to get us where we want to go.

Communicating directions to the driver is always a challenge. You have to be very clear and aware of the road systems. Both my OH and I are dreadful at telling our right from our left. I say ‘turn right’ OH turns left and I possibly meant left anyway. To compensate I often use hand signals pointing while giving directions. Saying second exit over there, pointing in the right direction so the driver can see.

A well planned route with clear directions is helpful in car travel and business.

Do you know where you are going?
Are you giving clear directions?
Is your story easy to understand?
Do you know when you have arrived?
Have you planned your next journey?

I can carry out a communications audit for your company. Together we can look at how to communicate to your staff, stakeholders and customers better.
Understanding where you are and where you want to be helps you know when you have arrived. A plan will help you share your vision & spread your activities throughout the year. To understanding the success of a campaign we will agree on ways to measure our success from the outset.

Start taking to me and I will start talking for you. Where are we going?

This Blog was inspired by Kate Watkiss at Watkiss Interactive Design who designed this website with me, she said, “Mum Nav – that’s really funny, sounds like a blog entry to me!”
I hope it also shows her how any crazy idea or throw away comment with a bit of thought can become a blog that just has to be written.

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