What’s your story?

Get your message right and get it out there.

We are a public relations and marketing agency, specialising in tourism, based in Menai Bridge, Anglesey, North Wales working locally, throughout Wales and in the North West. Providing quality public relations consultancy, attention grabbing marketing campaigns, guaranteed measurability and value.

What will the tourism industry and society be like in 2023? Review and tell your story. How are you and your business  meeting the Well-being of Future Generations Act and measuring the positive impact on people’s lives.

Public relations and PR are about telling your story to increase awareness and build a positive reputation. We can help you build that awareness through press releases, media engagement, PR photography, marketing communications, online and social media engagement. You have the vision so let’s go tell your story.

Key Roles:
Member engagement, communications and consultation
Clear and engaging writing style with bilingual communications as required
Brand and website creation and delivery
Overseeing the development of business plans
Dissemination of information and liaison with local, national, trade media and social media
On-hand availability to respond to local and Welsh issues

Jo Quinney is an Accredited Practitioner and full member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR).
Contact us by phone or email us at mail@qmpr.co.uk

We hope that our business Blog , written by Jo Quinney, contains business, marketing and PR information that you might find useful. Find out more about Jo on her Wildflower Blog too.