10 Reasons 2 … Get Going

So 2011 has well and truly started

Are your New Years resolutions a thing of the past. I have given up making these type of promises to my self as I am always too ambitious. What I prefer is setting smaller easier tasks to get a feeling of accomplishment.
So here are some ideas to help you ‘get going’ at any time of year…

1. This is the most important thing you need to do, but I am not telling until the end so read on…

2. Read a book
Find something suitable for your business needs and expand your knowledge. I am reading ‘Creativity in Public Relations’ by Andy Green FCIPR at the moment. It’s great to take a little time to improve my skills and brush up on some PR theory. Is there anything you could learn to improve business?

3. Write a blog
It’s no good having a Blog & not using it, it’s a great tool. I plan in the time to write and am trying the ‘postaweek2011’ challenge. WordPress have come up with some ideas to get you blogging daily.

5. Learn a new skill
What could you learn to help your business or help your well being? Perhaps a dance class or yoga would help you keep well. I am continuing to improve my photography skills with Welshot. They host great learning modules in Menai Bridge, Llandudno and Chester (with Bath & Bristol opening soon). For a taster day you could attend their next ‘Open Day – Mini Photographic Modules’ Sat 19 march in Felinheli.

6. Back up
In December over 50 businesses in Chester were left homeless when Hoole Enterprise Center burnt down. It effected Tracey Thomas of thisladyloves.com whose business was based on the ground floor. Tracey has relocated her business and admirably dealing with the effects.
“Backup your data and store your backups securely off site you can recover without too much damage to your business,” states e-crime Wales.

7. Go Networking
Get going by doing just that get out and network. I have blogged with some ideas in 10 Reasons 2 …Network

8. Contact your existing customers
Do you have a plan to keep in contact with you customers. Could it be true that 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers? Could you be selling more to all your customers?
Email newsletters are an efficient way to communicate with customers more information on my Newsletter page.

9. Get a PR person/writer
If you need help with your blog or contacting your customers, writing a plan and engaging with your customers give me a call or email me.

10. Do the thing you have been putting off
So as mentioned in ‘1.’ could the most important thing you need to do be the one thing that you are putting off?
If you are waking up in the night in a cold sweat, wake up and write it down. When you get up you can sort it out.
Tackling issues that you have been pushing to the bottom of the list helps you to push on and really ‘get going’ – I never said it was going to be easy!

What have you been putting off?

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