10 Reasons 2 … Network

Networking is the most important business activity. You get back what you put into your networks.

I help to run a local networking organisation Business on Anglesey, I believe in networks & here are 10 of my reasons 2 help you network.

1. You never know who you are going to meet and what opportunities are out there, I find this the most exciting bit

2. Find out about the networks local to you, they will always let you attend to see if the organisation is right for you before you join

3. Phone a friend and bring someone with you, if it gives you a bit more confidence

4. Research the venue get directions or a map and get there on time, so you are relaxed when you start

5. Talk to the wall flowers they are probably as nervous as you and eager to talk to someone

6. Start conversations by asking people what other networks they attend

7. Think, ‘How can I help others?’ you might know a connection to help them

8. Make notes on business cards as they are given to you, this helps you recall the event and the connections you made, I always add the date to the card afterwards

9. Review the business cards you received from the event, did you promise to do something?

10. Make contact with the most promising connections you made, could you meet for a coffee?

I would happily turn up to the opening of an envelope.  I know networking works in person and face to face.  Just think you could be slumped in front of the TV on a wet Thursday night or you could be out networking, the possibilities could be endless…

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