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Guerrilla Marketing

Here are a few guerrilla marketing ideas: Distributing your marketing material wherever you go (don’t litter but spread widely with thought), Ask for referrals – people—telling people about your product or service is priceless, Not broadcast but engagement (relationship building), especially on social media. Use your email signature to signpost readers…

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Blogging Post-a-week 2011

For QmPR 2011 was the year of Blogging. The is our last post for the Post-a-week challenge 2011. We began at the start of 2011 all bright eyes and busy tailed, starting in a blog post ’10 Reasons 2…Get Going’ as a way to motivate myself. Using the questions posed by the Worpress ‘Post a Week..

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Testimonial – F Llwyd Jones

“I had a recent training session with Jo, and was extremely pleased with her knowledge, teaching style, and generosity with information. I feel 110% more equipped to deal with social media than I was before I met with her. It was fun spending time with Jo – and learning more about social media…

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Social Media Training

Are you unhinged by LinkedIn?
Not chirpy on Twitter?
About face with Facebook?
Or having an epic fail with YouTube?
We provide training in social media predominantly on Linked In, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Importantly we discuss how to shape your messages and…

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10 Reasons 2 share news

Why should you share your company news with colleagues and the media? Telling your story is essential to raising awareness and building a positive reputation. Every business trades on its reputation and getting a great story into the print media and on-line make a difference to your sales growth…

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Why do you need a company newsletter? It is the perfect way to get your news stories in front of existing and potential new customers to drive sales. We create, write and send a number of company newsletters in printed and email format for our clients. A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customer base…

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Profile pictures

Image is everything from your web design to your business card, but have you thought about your profile picture? Your profile picture explains who you are. Are you recognisable? Is it just a holiday snap? Are you drinking wine? Does it look like a stock image and a bit too polished? Is it time to review your profile picture and get a fresh image…

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