Profile pictures

Image is everything from your web design to your business card.

Have you thought about your profile picture?

At a meeting recently someone grabbed my friend Eifion Williams, from Welshot Imaging and said, “Can you take a picture of me, please. I have had a number of complaints about my ‘Linked-In’ profile picture as it’s a holiday snap and I am holding a glass of wine.”

Another friend of mine has an amazing profile picture

I guess she doesn’t use this on ‘Linked-In’!

Your profile picture explains who you are. Perhaps my friend is warning us she flashes quite a lot (she does). I have written about PR Photography in ‘Every picture tells a story’ and this is true for profile pictures.

Are you recognisable?
Is it just a holiday snap?
Are you drinking wine?
Does it look like a stock image and a bit too polished?
Are you making a statement?

Is it time to review your profile picture and get a fresh image?
Photographer Ade McFade got me thinking in his brilliant Blog ‘How do people react to your on-line profile photos?
A professional photograph gets across a feeling of credibility, a certain air of seriousness, the fact that you think your image important enough, to invest good money… It’s definitely worth researching as many photographers as possible to find someone who catches your eye…Go through your friend lists on social media, look at their avatars and find ones you like the look of, then message that friend to find out who did their shots, they’ll be more than happy to pass on their details.

I have developed a self portrait ‘colour popping’ profile picture, my intention is to have a bit of ‘fun’ with my image and indulge my creative side.

If you want to become more adept at self portraiture you can book 1 to 1 tuition with Eifion Williams, from Welshot Imaging if you want to improve your photographic skills.

Remember ‘every picture tells a story’

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