PR Photography Every picture tells a story

A great photo can boost the media appeal of your story.

Your visual image is vitally important. Press releases should be complemented by a photograph which tells the same story. A story sometimes makes the publication on the strength of the accompanying photograph.

When we look through a paper we flick through the images. Is there anyone you know or recognise? Dynamic companies should have interesting and dynmamic photos. Building rapport with your staff we make everyone at ease and bring out the best in people, it is obvious in the high standards of our photography.

A picture is worth a thousand words

  • Do your staff look friendly and efficient in photos?
  • Are your products shown in real use or application?
  • Do you have a visual language for the company?
  • Do your photos convey ‘a sense of place’ that matches your location?

Using stock photography can have a detrimental effect. If your company is based in North Wales images that look Californian look wrong. This mismatch can create a conflict and customers can find it misleading.

Using the right visual image that is a fair representation of your company builds trust and understanding. The right words accompanied by an interesting photo make the most of your story and is more use to journalists and their photo editors.

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