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Every picture tells a story

We have polished our photographic skills to benefit of our clients. Getting to know a client and building rapport is crucial when creating an interesting story and image. Following on from the interview stage, we create a great media-friendly image that helps to tell the story.

Our images have appeared in all the local North Wales based newspapers. Working closely with editors we understand the types of images they like to use and their readers find engaging.

A number of different images may be required by clients. We discuss the press release and photo brief to ensure there are enough quality images to meet our client’s needs. Images to accompany a news release might also appear on a company website, printed literature and in a newsletter. We ensure you have the images to suit newspapers, online media, newsletters, exhibition materials and to keep your graphic designer happy.

All images are provided on disk as edited files and original large-format CR2 files for clients use.

Investing in original photographs for your website is as important as the investment in the website structure and your web words.

Using stock photography can have a detrimental effect. For example if your company is based in North Wales stock images from a ‘Californian Sunshine Shoot’ look wrong. This mismatch can create a conflict and customers can find it misleading.

If you use someone else’s image, make sure you ask for permissions and give them a photo credit and link. Be wary of using stock imagery, if you haven’t paid for it you may not have the rights to use it. Don’t search ‘Google Images’ and copy the images to use on your blog, you don’t have permission.

Stock photography WARNING
Matt Stopera @MattStopera at BuzzFeed has collated ‘Men Laughing at Fruit Salad alone’
It is very funny, just why are you laughing?
It is a stock photography warning to us all!

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