Press releases Get your message out there

Every business depends on its reputation.

Writing press releases and talking to the press relevant to you industry, is vital. Tell your story increase awareness and build a positive reputation.

When you engage a public relations specialist it is important for the whole company to engage with that professional. The best stories have come from members of staff who note a situation and discuss this with management or the PR team. A story in the local paper featuring a member of your staff builds rapport with your customers and engenders a commitment and energy in your team.

Do you have a newsworthy story to tell?

  • Are you the first?
  • Has a member of staff solved a customer’s problem?
  • Do you have a case study to share?
  • Are you engaging with your local community, supporting a charity or campaigning for change?
  • Has a product been used in an innovative or unusual way?
  • Do you have an important message to share with new or potential customers?

Advertisements and advertorial are mistrusted. The electronic blog word comes straight from a biased writer. The printed word retains its dominance. The printed word has been written by a journalist and checked by an editor. The source has been trusted and the story can be relied upon.

A public relations expert can create strong ‘meme’ friendly messages that get used by journalists and passed on by readers. I spot stories, take photographs, write the copy and contact the journalists so that your story is seen and read.

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