Journalistic credentials

Telling your story increases awareness and builds a positive reputation.

We have worked for over 15 years writing stories on behalf of companies, local authorities, voluntary organisations and events. Our news releases are trusted by local media and regularly inserted into local papers ‘word for word’. With highly respected local journalists willing to use our copy in their editorial style.

Jo Quinney is a full member of the National Union of Journalists allowing Jo to access online training and workshop courses.

Having completed regular annual CPD training enables Jo to maintain her CIPR ‘Accredited Practitioner’ status. This training is both full-day training courses and online, keeping her key skills up to date and relevant.

Working hard on creating newsworthy stories, she has her press releases appearing in the Daily Post, the Mail and the Chronicle. On a monthly basis, stories get into the Papurau Bro (local Welsh-medium newspapers). Her articles are regularly used in trade magazines and the online press. Jo has worked with both ITV Wales and the BBC, writing filming ideas and pitching ideas to TV and radio news desks.

Work with us and you will see the PR benefit of telling your story, increases awareness and building a positive reputation.

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