10 Reasons 2 share news

Why should you share your company news with colleagues and the media?

Telling your story is essential to raising awareness and building a positive reputation. Every business trades on its reputation and getting a great story into the print media and on-line really makes a difference to your sales growth.
So here are some reasons to share your vision and tell your story.

1. Editorial v advertisements
Getting a story into a newspaper is much more meaningful than an advert. Readers accept editorial and question advertisements.
I do add a word of caution, advertisement revenue drives print media and public relations campaigns should work alongside your planned advertising as part of your overall strategy.

2. Raise awareness
Telling your story raises awareness about your product, service or organisation.

3. Reputation
You build a positive reputation for your company.

4. Rapport
You build rapport with your customers and better relationships help sales.

5. Moral
Stories that focus on your team members and achievements are good for company and staff moral.

6. Good / interesting news travels
A strong story with a media friendly message travels. Your story could end up much further than you imagine and capture new customer’s imaginations.

7. Engage
You want to engage with your customers, so a story that targets your customers and meets their needs will be of interest to journalists. It will only interest journalists if it interests their readers.

8. Newsletters
You can share your stories with your customer through a company newsletter. It is a great way to keep in touch and make additional sales.

9. On-line
Get your stories onto your website. I always click on the ‘news’ section of peoples websites and Blog to see what their recent stories are. It is always demoralising to see only three stories and the most recent was from November 2010.

10. Measure
You will only know if it is worth sharing your news if you measure the outcomes. Great to have interesting outputs but you must measure the outcomes. Did sharing your news make a difference to you sales team, customers or your reputation? Read our Blog on ‘PR Measurability’ for more information.

You might like to read our Blog ‘How to Make the News’ to give you some ideas on what might be ‘newsworthy’.

Or read our Blog ‘What is PR?’ to get a basic overview.

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