Radio Interviews

This week I assisted a client to prepare for a radio interview with BBC Radio Wales News.

So here are a few tips to help you prepare for a radio interview:

Review your message
In this case I had written the press release that triggered the BBC’s interest. I printed it out & brought it to the interview to get the interviewees to have a quick review of the main messages.

Main message
Have one clear message at the front of your mind. Give yourself a few moments to talk through the message, followed by a few moments to think about the message. Imagine talking confidently about this message.

Turn off your phone
Make sure everyone has turned of their phones.

Talk to the interviewer
A quick chat before hand with an interviewer is very useful. A professional interviewer will do everything to make you feel comfortable. Ask to run through a few of the types of question that will be asked. Chat with the interviewer about your main message and talk around the subject for a bit before the interview. The interview question will always be a bit different but try and keep your main message at the front of your mind.

A chat amongst friends
When the interview starts try and suppress your nerves and imagine you are just talking to the interviewer on a one to one basis.

Listen carefully to the question and think before you answer, always keeping the main message at the front of your mind.

Smile at the interviewer you can always hear a smile in the tone of your voice.

Main message – AGAIN
Try and get your main message in. The questions might lead you astray a bit but think ‘main message’ ‘main message’ ‘main message’

If you are in a ‘crisis situation’ a different strategy is needed. Crisis PR is very different to preparing a radio interview to promote an event or talking about a project you are involved with.

Take a deep breath – you will be great.

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