Why do you need a company newsletter?

It is the perfect way to get your news stories in front of existing and potential new customers to drive sales. We create, write and send a number of company newsletters in printed and email format for our clients.

A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customer base and helps you to make that second or additional sale. Most companies make most of their profit from 20% of their customers. A newsletter helps you sell more to the 20% and helps you to reach the untapped 80%.

You build trust and a positive relationship with a well written and useful newsletter. Regular newsletters prove you are reliable and constant.

All our newsletters position our clients as experts in their field. It is a great place to show you know your stuff and explain your company’s vision.

All newsletters must be sent out with the agreement of the recipient, otherwise this is spamming. When sending an email newsletter the system must have built in measurability and easy to understand statistics/reporting.

Use a system that has an unsubscribe service so you don’t send an email in error to someone who has opted out.

If you are printing a newsletter you must carefully plan how it will be distributed. Newsletters stored in boxes under a desk don’t help much!

We ♥ newsletter and our clients customers do too!

Go to our main newsletters page for more information.

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