10 Reasons 2 have original content

Why should you have original content on your website?

Following a major update by Goggle, rolled out in the US, from 24 February 2011, called the Farmer or Panda Update some websites in the US have seen visitor numbers halved.
Google has a mathematical understanding of low quality.  If you use the same content on a number of pages or unnatural language to ‘optimise’ your site Goggle will know.
You might even cross the mythical ‘Panda Line’ (not so mythical and more mathematical in reality) and Google will not rank your website highly.

1. Get your message right?
Your content should clearly explain the reasons to buy from you.

2. Vision
Well written unique copy explains your company’s vision.

3. Add value
Original content adds value to your website and your product.

4. Clear messages
Your website should give clear messages, not duplicate content from others.

5. Passion
Content should reflect the passion you have for your business.

6. Unique
Your business is unique and should have original copy to reflect this.

7. Attract and inform
Regularly adding new content to your website will attract and inform potential customers.

8. Blog
Write a Blog it’s a great way to build content.

9. Be up to date
Writing and adding original content regularly keeps your website site fresh and bang up to date.

10. We ♥ original content
Importantly Google loves original content and so do we!

If you use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic there is a really useful guide to find out if you have been ‘Panda Slapped’ at Google Panda update survival guide by Mark Nunney.

So it’s goodbye to annoying nonsensical SEO language on website, which reminds me of a joke…
How many SEO experts does it take to change a light bulb, lightbulb, light, bulb, lamp, lighting, switch, cheap, cheapest, bargain…

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