10 Reasons 2 … Blog

Are you tempted to try and become a Blogger?

The biggest challenge we faced with launching a new website was how to integrate our business Blog.
It is important to find your Blogger voice.
Here are a few things to think about to help you find your feet…

1. How much time do you have?
This is the most important starting point. I have found I need to dedicate 3-4 hours a week to get a new Blog post written and looking good. You need to start with the idea, do a bit of research, create a photo, write copy, check copy, upload copy, test the layout and see how it looks on the website. This takes time. I am sure it would be great to have the time to write 3 or 4 posts a week but realistically for me one a week is quite a challenge.

2. What is the point?
You need an aim, purpose and goal. My purpose is to have a place where you can learn about the business ‘Q Marketing & PR Ltd’ and find out about me, Jo Quinney. My website is a great portfolio and the Blog adds to this by becoming an archive of information and achievements. So how would your Blog help your business?

3. Who are you writing for?
Thinking of your buyer profiles can help you to create content. David Meerman Scott in his book, ‘The New Rules of Marketing & PR’ focuses on how social media, Blogs, news releases, online video can reach buyers directly. Your Blog needs to be written for your buyers.

4. Match your website
Your Blog should complement your website and have a similar feel, visual identity and theme. A Blog is a great place to expand on your core aims, products and services.

5. Research
Read and comment on other peoples Blogs. It is a great way to learn how to Blog. What do other Bloggers say and how do they say it?

6. Follow Blogs using RSS feed
Monitoring a collection of your favourite Blogs is very sensible and interesting. Using RSS is great, an explanation of how this could help is on ‘Common Craft Blog’ (again a Blog!)

7. Plan
Creating a plan or rough outline of upcoming Blog is useful. With your aim in mind (Point 2.) write down a few ideas with you readers in mind (Point 3.). I came up with a few ideas about content and rotate the types of Blog I write. I have ’10 Reasons 2’, useful PR or marketing information, business tips and events/causes I am involved with. This week I wrote ’10 Reasons 2’ so next week I will write a case study and the following week it I will write about an event.

8. Educate and entertain
No one wants to read a Blog that drones on about one topic or is desperate to ‘sell’ you something. Offer something interesting that might assist or challenge your readers, even better if you can entertain! Blogging shouldn’t be boring, if you are bored your readers will bored.

9. Write Seven
Set yourself/the team the aim of writing 7 to 9 Blogs ready for your Blog launch. It will take time but there is nothing worse than a Blog with only one entry. If you write a few you can see how you content plan works and start to find your feet.
Here are my feet…
I found them under my desk wearing zebra slippers, nice

10. What are you waiting for? Get Blogging…
Useful video interview on Social Media Examiner with Chris Garrett
I’ll be reading his book ‘ProBlogger’ soon & will feed back.

If you have found this useful or would like to add anything please leave your comment below.

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