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Guerrilla Marketing

Here are a few guerrilla marketing ideas: Distributing your marketing material wherever you go (don’t litter but spread widely with thought), Ask for referrals – people—telling people about your product or service is priceless, Not broadcast but engagement (relationship building), especially on social media. Use your email signature to signpost readers…

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Testimonial – S Davies

Client endorsement from S Davies, Food Hygiene and Technology Consultant. “I am very very pleased with the letters! Great job, I wouldn’t have been able to write anything of that quality. Thank you very much Jo.” More testimonials are available here Testimonial‘ category…

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Business Growth

Your Strategy for Growth – If you are looking to grow or expand your business there are a few key strategy’s to consider. Open another location – place for people to see your product, services or shop. Diversify – sell complementary services, teach, import/export, become a paid speaker or columnist…

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Christmas Contact

It’s December and at QmPR we are getting ready for Christmas. Part of the annual ritual is sending Christmas cards and for a business it is a great way to keep in contact with clients and/or customers. There are other ways to keep in contact other than posting cards. Last year we put together a newsletter…

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Why do you need a company newsletter? It is the perfect way to get your news stories in front of existing and potential new customers to drive sales. We create, write and send a number of company newsletters in printed and email format for our clients. A newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customer base…

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10 Reasons 2 have original content

Why should you have original content on your website? Following a major update by Goggle called ‘Panda’ some websites in the US have seen visitor numbers halved. And these updates are coming to the UK. Google has a mathematical understanding of low quality and if you use the same content or…

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The Marketing Recipe

So you want to start your own business? Sometimes it is overwhelming when you start in business to juggle all the different marketing activities that you need to be doing. You could think of the ‘Marketing Mix’ as a simple recipe. Just follow our ideas here – Ingredients, preparation, time, measurability…

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