Christmas Contact

It’s December and at QmPR

we are getting ready for Christmas. Part of the annual ritual is sending Christmas cards and for a business it is a great way to keep in contact with clients and/or customers.

Last year we created a Blog post 10 Reasons 2 … Send Christmas cards, which focuses on why we think it is a great idea to keep in contact this festive season.

There are other ways to keep in contact other than posting cards. Last year, for Beehive Coaching & Leadership Development Ltd, we put together a newsletter Winter 2011 with a lovely snowy mountain scene from PM Photography.

But we love sending Christmas cards. With less people making the effort a good old fashioned card is a great way to reach your customers. Our card was designed by Jo Quinney’s children…

The front

The back

Have a lovely Christmas and a very merry New Year.

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