10 Reasons 2 … Send Christmas cards

Sending Christmas cards might be seen as a bit old fashioned but…

Perhaps for environmental reasons you might consider sending an e-card or sending an email newsletter with a seasonal theme. But it might also be a good idea to consider sending out an old fashioned traditional Christmas message?

1. A great way to send a personal message to clients and prospective new customers

2. Review the people you have worked
has 80% of your profit comes from 20% of your customers?

3. Could it be an excuse to get in contact again?
Send card then call to arrange a meeting

4. It reminds folks you are still alive and kicking

5. It shows your appreciation to your clients

6. No one uses snail mail so you are different

7. It’s good to receive something actual not virtual

8. Are your competition sending cards?

9. Your card might be decorating a wall or desk for a whole month!

10. Go on it’s only Christmas once a year, get into the festive spirit

Gavin Quinney in his fantastic ‘Bordeaux Wine Blog from Château Bauduc’ tells a story about drinking a Château Cheval Blanc 1947 to celebrate completing a project,

“Over dinner, we talked about wine – and the project. I was keen to understand why we had been selected, as we had originally lost out on the tender. What prompted the call asking if I could still deliver on the project when their existing supplier let them down, prior to the big order being placed? Why me ahead of the other bidders? I asked
Because, after you lost, you were the only one to send us a Christmas card.”

If you’d like to send a present as well as a card to someone special, Château Bauduc deliver wooden gift cases, starting at £22.95 plus £5 delivery ‘Gift ideas’.

I hope this has sent you running to get a Christmas card designed and made, it has me. I’m rushing off to find the box of Christmas artwork my kids made. Then I’m calling my graphic designer.

I hope you are suitably inspired.

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