Brand Design

Image is everything from your business card to your web site design.

I assist businesses to create and develop their visual image so it was very daunting when I put ideas together for myself.
I had discussed visual ways to show ‘Get your message right and get it out there’ like shouting with a loud hailer with the graphic designer.
The designer sent me a few designs over and I loved this idea because it gave me another idea…

Looking at the above graphic I thought, “I know the silhouette profile should be me.” A few days later when I called around to the designer she said, “I have my camera here just stand over there.” No backing out we took a whole load of images such as this…

Then the designer created this….

And the idea became a business card. I still like it when I hand someone my business card and they say, ‘Is that you’ it is a great ice breaker and makes me smile.
The colour palette was the next thing to focus on. I always limit the colour palette (Don’t use too many colours just pick a few and stick to them).

So this was the start I have a new brand and colour palette the next thing to crack was the web design. The strongest part was that we had an idea a bit of creative thought to get us thinking and provided us with something to work with. You need a great idea to give you a solid foundation to build your brand upon.
The story continues in my post Web Design.

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