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Image is everything from your web design to your business card.

In my earlier post Brand Design I discussed how, with my graphics team, I build my new business image. We had the initial idea, new brand and colour palette. I next went to work with Kate Watkiss of Watkiss Interactive Design to help me sort this web site.

We discussed how to take the new brand image into my web site. We worked on the page list layout.

Kate drew up three designs.
Design layout one.

Design layout two.

Design layout three.

I made note on all the designs. Taking the key design elements I mocked up this design. I lost the colour along the way as I used Publisher.

And Kate created the site you are looking at now. You need a great idea to give you a solid foundation to build your brand and web site upon. Creating the website is only half the story you still need to create and build content.
To be continued…

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