Not enough hours in the day? New course

Stress reduction a NEW course from Beehive

This course is aimed at YOU – to provide a little oasis of calm and learning in the working week;
to help you develop a habit of well being at work; to benefit from the growing insights of the group, and to present a number of different approaches so you can find something that works for you.

It is also aimed at your staff because, “Caring about the well being of your staff has the potential to increase productivity and efficiency,” Professor Carol Black – First Voice of business Aug/Sept 2010, Working towards well-being.

Programme 8 bite size sessions to fit with our busy lives.

Each session will include exercises to; be in the moment, physiology of stress, avoid burnout, managing change, ‘reversals’, 5 hindrances, 6 hungers, wellbeing index *action & planning*

Included workbook, meditation CD, web-based resources and email reminders

Check out the Beehive web site.

Contact Sara 07780 606 307 or Mark 07798 866 242
Or email

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