Stock Shock

The very funny among us on Twitter…

Have been Tweeting about some brilliant sets of images that are a joy to view.

It began with Andrew Price @AndrewCPrice Tweeting about ‘advertising images of women laughing alone with salad’
Collated by Edith Zimmerman

Moved onto Oliver Burkeman @oliverburkeman ‘in spirit of Women Laughing Alone with Salad, I’m also a big fan of Computer Shock’

To be trumped by Robin Parker @robinparker55 ‘The Sequel : Men Laughing at Fruit Salad alone’
Collated by Matt Stopera

As well as being very funny it is a reminder that stock photography is just that stock. Over lunch today Lee @welshot reminded me of the two different cereal brands with the same stock family on the back of the packet.

If you are investing in promotional material, get a photographer & a few ideas would be useful.

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