Your marketing mix

Do you have a niggling feeling that you might be missing something from your marketing mix?

The team at B2B Contact Marketing have come up with a great way to check with The Marketing Map.

Based on the London Underground map this brain storming tool is not subject to strikes.
Using the web based interactive version you can select a line to imagine travelling along. It is a great way to get thinking. If you chose the ‘digital’ line you can start off at ‘paid search’ travel through ‘social media’ and arrive at ‘video content’. What stations might your business consider passing through or invest in stopping at?

As we near the end of the year, yes it’s the last quarter, now is an ideal time to review your marketing plan and measure your impact. Could the marketing map get you on track as we approach 2011?

Cleverly the map is now integrated in the B2B Contact Marketing homepage to get you thinking about their services and the journey you could take with them.
B2B Contact Marketing tell me this is the Marketing Map 1.0, “The Marketing Map will be launching soon with an easier to follow layout and even more marketing station stops.”

B2B Contact Marketing have offered readers of my Blog your own Marketing Map free of charge, go to where you can request a pdf or print copy.

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