Our Blog is 1

This week the QmPR Blog is officially one year old.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I wrote the first Blog post at the beginning of July and posted it while my website was still in development. I thought it was a good idea to have a number of blog postings completed before I launched my new website.
This thought was confirmed by reading Denise Wakeman’s post ‘14 Attention-Grabbing Tactics for Launching a New Business Blog’.

She suggests publishing 7 to 10 posts so I got writing blog content while I was creating the more general website copy.

After a year of blog-ing this is officially my 46th blog, nearly a blog a week. In January I took up the #PostAWeek2011 challenge and have written a blog every week in 2011. So next year when my blog is two years on I will have 52 more blogs.

There is no trick to getting your blog going I am just really disciplined and ‘Keep Calm and BLOG On’.

If you are tempted to start a blog I have written a blog about it – 10 Reasons 2 … Blog

Or email us if you would like to help you create web content or a blog at mail@qmpr.co.uk

Sign avaiable from the lovely Hazel @Homewood_Bound  http://www.homewoodbound.com/

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