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Mum Nav

I don’t have ‘Sat Nav’ I have never felt the need for it. When I met my other half (OH) he always demanded I could point at the map and say, ‘We are here!’ My navigation and map reading skills improved considerably. A well planned route with clear directions is helpful in car travel and business. Do you know where you are going?…

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10 Reasons 2 … Get Going

So 2011 has well and truly started are your New Years resolutions a thing of the past. I have given up making these type of promises to my self as I am always too ambitious. What I prefer is setting smaller easier tasks to get a feeling of accomplishment. So here are some ideas to help you…

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What is PR?

I often get asked, ‘What is PR and how can it help my company?” We all rely on our reputation in business to grow and profit. Your customers, clients, new clients, employees, directors, investors, journalists are all interested in your companies reputation. Focussing on your company’s reputation, assessing how…

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How to Make the News

To make the news your story has to be newsworthy. The definition of newsworthy is ‘Interesting enough to be reported as news’.

People are the main focus of every news story. Our interest is in a person (celebrity or real life story) or groups of people (back pain sufferer or under 5’s).

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