Events – The Details

‘The devil is in the detail’

I was reminded, when organising an event last week, that the saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ is very pertinent. Here are 10 little things that can help make everyone welcome and your event a success.

1. Invites
Send your invitations early, plan reminders and phone guests up. Communication is key and you need to gently remind not harass (at the very least don’t get accused of stalking).

2. Send joining instructions
Give attendees clear directions and information on parking.

3. Confirm speakers
It is a good idea to check presentation requirements the week before so plans can be made. Also I like to quickly check speakers are OK the day before, mostly because as organiser it puts my mind at rest.

4. Contacts
Make sure you provide a mobile phone contact on the day if people can’t attend last minute or they get lost.

5. Refreshments
Check the day before with the venue they have attendance numbers correct. I like to bring bowls and mints to pick at during the event.

6. Early
Get to the venue early. There is nothing worse than a late host. If you get to the venue early you can be ready to WELCOME, see below…

The most important activity on the day, try and clear all minor issues by getting to the venue early. Then you are free to talk to attendees and make everyone welcome.

8. Flowers
A small display on the welcome table is a lovely touch. Guests may not necessarily notice the flowers but these details make a real difference. At my last event I got up early to raid the garden and created these displays. At the end of the event these displays make great speaker gifts.

9. Feedback
Ask all attendees to fill in a feedback form and review them very soon after the event. It helps you to measure the success of an event and formulate plans for the next.

10. Thanks
Make sure you thank all attendees, without them there would be NO event. Thank the speakers, venue and other organisers.

Do you have any event tips to share?
Please comment below…

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