10 Reasons 2 … Twitter

I have been using Twitter a lot recently, I think it’s great.

Here are some reasons that I think might persuade you to jump into the Twittersphere.

1. It’s FUN

2. It’s short & sweet – no rambling content here

3. What are you doing NOW? You can stay in touch without even joining in the conversation

4. It’s a ‘sign post’ to your Blog or photo or event or something funny

5. Hobbies – follow people who have the same interests as you & share tips

6. Quick answers, got a problem ask the question on Twitter

7. Follow groups, news services, organisations and charities

8. You can have conversations just using the @ sign and you connect with individuals

9. Monitor what are folks saying about a topic or TV show or event, I love hash tags #IloveHashTags

10. Simplicity, it’s just kind of there when you want to engage & think of something funny to share

If you want to set up an account there are basic instructions on using Twitter with this handy ‘Howcast

I use Tweet Deck to manage my activity I also upload photos from my phone & text in messages.

I hope you will join in the conversation soon @QMPR

Twitter Bird

The Twitter bird lives in my garden!


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