Beachwatch Big Weekend

This weekend it’s the Beachwatch Big Weekend Marine Conservation Society (MCS)

Join the team at the Anglesey Sea Zoo, Brynsiencyn on Tan-Y-Foel beach Saturday 18 September at 10 am to help them with a clean up. This beach clean is part of The MCS annual UK wide clean up and survey to fight against marine litter.

Last years MCS annual beachwatch survey is interesting reading. In the 2009 clean up 342,151 pieces of litter were removed from UK beaches. All of the Top 10 most common litter items were entirely or partially made of plastic. Plastic litter is on the increase, an enormous 121% since the MCS beachwatch survey began in 1994.

The Top 10 beach litter items were:
1. Small plastic pieces
2. Large plastic pieces
3. Crisp, lolly, sweet and sandwich wrappers
4. Plastic rope, cord or string
5. Plastic caps or lids
6. Polystyrene pieces
7. Plastic drinks bottles
8. Fishing net and net pieces
9. Cotton bud sticks
10. Cigarette butts

All volunteers welcome on Saturday! Newcomers will have a briefing 10.00am at the Sea Zoo. Previous volunteers need not arrive until 10.15am to get kit together and head straight to the beach. We are usually on the beach for 1- 1½ hours then meet up for the survey weigh in. The equipment, is provided you just bring your waterproofs, boots and a picnic

If you want to find a clean up near you use the Beachwatch Big Weekend and Adopt a Beach list.
Sign the Marine Litter Petition 2010
Watch Plastic bags and the marine environment

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