Jo Quinney, from Q Marketing & PR Limited, focuses on the ‘people’ at the heart of a story.

This is is the most important professional PR experience Jo brings to her clients.  It is the positive impact on ‘people’, that a product, service or business effects that is the story.

Jo’s main business is to support companies in tourism and the arts.  While Jo enjoys the technical aspects of projects it is the ‘people’ who make the story.  What the product, service or organisation means to the readers, the community, the industry or the nation?

She started Q Marketing & PR Ltd in April 2003.  Beginning her PR experience with a German manufacturing company in 1998 on Anglesey, she continued her PR role with them for seven years while expanding her range of clients.

Jo works on a freelance basis as Q Marketing & PR Ltd.  She regularly collaborates with filmmakers, web designers,  graphic designers and other PR professionals to bring a range of services to meet her clients needs.  Building a team to provide quality public relations consultancy and attention grabbing marketing campaigns.

Providing ‘Social Media’ training on a 1 to 1 basis to suit individuals needs.  Teaching you how to improve your online and social media engagement.

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